Marchi Force

Hydrolized vegetal extracts in liquid form
obtained through natural fermentation

Its low molecular weight and its high fulvic acid contents, together with its completely natural origin, make it very easy for the plants to uptake it, either by foliar application or via fertigation system. Once in the plant, MARCHI FORCE combines a significant nutritional effect (organic Nitrogen, Potassium, Calcium, trace elements) with a general boosting of plant metabolism (amino acids, fulvic acids, vitamins, natural growth factors). The product contains countless natural ingredients that, once combined together, have an incredible synergy, thus resulting in an unmatched effectiveness.

Main agronomic benefits (foliar application)::
  • Speeds up the general plant metabolism
  • Allows vegetative growth even in stressful conditions
  • Carries inside the plant any other nutritionals it is mixed with, making them more effective
  • Acidifies the spraying solution
Main agronomic benefits (fertigation)::
  • Stimulates root growth
  • In mixture, it improves nutrients uptake (carrier action)
  • Makes the nutritionals in the soil available to the root system
  • Improves general soil conditions (pH, organic matter, salinity, nutrients availability)