Marchi Fer

Top quality chelated iron for fertigation system
6% fe eddha, 4.8% ortho-ortho isomer

Prevention of
Iron chlorosis
Green-up effect
General improvement of plant metabolism
Migliora la qualità dei frutti

To prevent and correct Iron deficiencies, it is very important to keep in mind that, most often, the problem is not the lack of this element in the soil. Rather, it is its low availability to the root system: Iron is there, at times even in big amounts, but it is locked by the chemical characteristics of the soil. Hence, the best strategy is to use Iron in a chelated form, i.e. protected by specific molecules which make the nutritional available to the plants, no matter the chemical conditions. Among the various chelating agents available on the market, EDDHA is the one which guarantees a good stability in the broadest range of pH: from 4 to 11. Out of 6% EDDHA, MARCHI FER has 1.2% ortho-para isomer (the fastest one in terms of root absorption) and 4.8% ortho-ortho isomer (the longest lasting form in any soil type), thus ensuring both prompt effect and long-lasting availability even in alkali and calcareous soils.